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We would like to dedicate this Week’s feature to the entire fundraising campaign started by Ridock King to help benefit young women ‘Black Queens Matter’

Lets Talk a Little about this Week’s Eye Candy Wednesdays Feature

The ‘Black Queens Matter’ campaign was created and founded by Music Artist and Video Director Ridock King, this campaign will help raise funds for the female enrichment organization “Beaute’ Within” as well as for a music and film project inspired by the need to have a positive impact on young black girls.
There is a significant need for positive role models in the lives of young black girls, some of the radio and media messages can be very misleading. It is time that we take it upon ourselves to encourage young black girls that they are queens and that there lies within them the potential to help bring about positive societal change.
Black Queens Matter is not an exclusion of any other race of girls, but it is an emphasis on the urgent needs of young black girls. We believe all girls require encouragement, mentoring, and assistance, but we feel it is very necessary to focus on black girls. There are voids that are left within the black community from various issues ranging from ‘no father in home’ to ‘lack of resources.’ The family plays a key role in the success or failure of these young girls but we all understand that things happen and sometimes a black girl may not have a dependable family.
We are fortunate to have organizations that will help with encouraging, mentoring and assisting young girls. Black girls deserve a fair shot, we understand that there is an incomparable amount of pressure on families and schools to help these young girls realize their full potential. As the old saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child” it will take organizations, artists, and visionaries working together to see that young black girls understand that they too matter!

You may find The Black Queens Matter campaign at the following:
Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/black-queens-matter–2#/story

Instagram: @blackqueensmatter

twitter: @matterqueens


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