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Saqenda Dallas is a nonchalant, goofy, sarcastic, confident, and competitive woman who continues to work toward becoming what she is meant to be in life.

Lets Talk a Little about this Week’s Eye Candy Wednesdays Feature

Saqenda believes that her personality and versatility makes her unique. Currently, she is pursuing a modeling and potential acting career.  She is a commercial, runway, and print model.  When she’s not doing what she loves with modeling activities, you can find her working at Nordstrom’s. One of Saqenda’s biggest goals right now is to make a name for herself in the modeling and fashion industry, build her brand. She would also love to work with the many brilliant designers during New York Fashion Week this year.  Furthermore, She plans to someday strut down the runway with angel wings on her back as one of Victoria Secret’s models.

Saqenda thinks one of the keys to maintaining positive self-esteem is to not believe the hype with certain celebrities and social media craze of today. She states “sometimes black women are overwhelmed with societies projected vision of us, that we forget that its empowering to be who we naturally are. I believe when we stop comparing ourselves to other women and how other people think we should be, its then possible to maintain a positive and healthy self-esteem.” She insists that her brand represents a combination of self-respect, professionalism, style, positive optimism, and versatility. Saqenda believes that culture is a large part of personal and social identity.  Culture can shape a person, while a person can also shape culture.
You can find Saqenda Dallas at the following points of contact:
Instagram: @qenda
Facebook: Saqenda Dallas
Twitter: @saqenda
Tumblr: @saqenda

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