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Meet Ridock King…

Music artist and modern day renaissance man constantly working smarter to make life better for himself and others.

Ridock King’s Bio 

Ridock King is a Philadelphia, PA native music artist. Greatly influenced by hip hop music he began writing rhymes at the age of nine. He always saw music as more than simple entertainment, but a teaching tool, a way to obtain spiritual uplift, a means of networking, and a great way to appropriately market. Ridock King is a student of the game, he takes pride in learning and sharing knowledge with others. He constantly works at his musical craft by writing songs, making frequent studio visits, and studying. Ridock King believes that the element of intellect and knowledge has been lacking in music for quite some time, and that we will likely see that element resurface sooner than we think, he attributes those reasons to current events, technology and awareness. He says “People now have access to information, you can research almost anything by simply typing a few words on the computer.” He also believes that “with good comes bad, with positive you will have negative, what I mean by that with regards to technology is that it may serve to enlighten and educate some, but it may be a means of ignorance for others, it all depends on what you type in.”

Ridock King is currently working on his next music project and says that “it is making a lot of progress.” He will be releasing the first single titled “Child Support” September 22nd through various online music stores including I-tunes and Tidal. King has a plethora of songs available on Sound Cloud as well as music videos available for view on YouTube. Viewers and fans can also find material available here on the website, feel free to explore. Although, some may define his style as underground, conscious or hiphop soul King has developed into a well rounded music artist with the ability to touch on various subjects and topics effectively, he effectively displays that with the different types of songs he has created. Ridock King has successfully performed at Universities, various venues in Philadelphia as well as New York City. Ridock King has more exciting shows for the enjoyment of fans and potential fans. He has a great stage presence and his new soul touching tunes will please many music fans. He continues to connect with the many people of all walks of life, and create music that is relative as well as relevant.

Ridock King will also be hosting a music video premier live show event on Friday October 23rd. The music video premier is for the song “Child Support.” The event will include some fellow music artists, musicians and poets and will also allow select youth who aspire to be music artists the opportunity to perform live. This event will include some storytelling about the “Child Support” song concept and visual.

Below you will find Ridock King’s social media information you will also find the link to audio of his latest radio interview with Your Black World:


Twitter: @ridockKing

Instagram: @ridockking

Website: www.ridockking.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ridock-king

Datpiff: Ridock King EP

Facebook: Ridock King

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Dobbs Live 2

Performing Live – August 7th

Live at the Legendary Dobbs 334 South street Wednesday August 7 2013 at 8:30pm.

Tix are available for pre-order online at $7.85. Tix are $10.00 at the door.